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Building on 20 years dedicated to the passion of fine tobacco products, The Xtra Ordinary Store’s high-end architecture showcases an extensive selection of premium cigars, cognacs, single malts and accessories.

The moment you walk into The XO Store you will know that you are in a special place where the enjoyment of quality tobacco products and premium liquors is not merely tolerated but wholeheartedly encouraged. It is a must-stop for any cigar, cognac, scotch and single malt enthusiast.

The Xtra Ordinary Store is the only Duty-Free Store in Jamaica with a walk-in-humidor and wet bar for sampling. Our goal is to make your every visit to The XO Store a pleasant and satisfying experience. Our helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly staff is always at hand to help you make the best selection from our wide variety of products.

We invite you to visit our store located in the Departure Lounge of the Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Please stop by and see us on your next trip!

Products of the week.

A single cask bottling of single malt Scotch whisky from one of Islay's most respected and loved
distilleries - Ardbeg. This Duncan Taylor Single bottling contains whisky distilled in May 1994 and independent
bottlings of Ardbeg single malt are few and far between, so releases like this are always very exciting indeed.
The Duncan Taylor Single range are presented in gorgeous hardwood and leather befitting the spectacular
whiskies they house.

Special Edition - 1994-2014

Duncan Taylor -Ardbeg


Goodness gracious, look at this 34 year old Bunnahabhian! Obviously it spent all those years in
Sherry oak, so expect a flavour profile brimming with Sherried goodness.
The Islay distillery put the whisky into the cask in September 1979 and it was bottled by
Duncan Taylor in February 2014 for the Single Cask. Of this cask only 89 bottles were derived
each produced with their own hardwood and leather case.

Duncan Taylor 34 years

Duncan Taylor -Caol ila

31 Year old Caol Ila single mail, bottled for the Duncan Taylor Single collection.
This Sherried Islay dram has matured from May 1983 to July 2014, when it was bottled with an outtum of just 62 bottles.

These are handsomely presented in the hardwood and leather cases.

Cask # 406258

Duncan Taylor - Laphroaig

Independently bottled Laphroaig single malt Scotch whisky, presented as part of the Duncan Taylor
Single collection (and what a collection is it!). This Islay delight was distilled in April 1997 and matured
until January 2014,when it was bottled by Duncan Taylor. Only 133 bottles were produced, all paired with
classy hardwood and leather presentation cases.

David’s Corner

1512, 2014

First Post!

Cigar smoking is a personal pursuit that relaxes me, I also find it very meditative.

My love affair with cigars only started about 6 years ago when I smoked a Davidoff Zino Platinum Emperor edition 2009 5 x 58 that my […]