Cigar smoking is a personal pursuit that relaxes me, I also find it very meditative.

My love affair with cigars only started about 6 years ago when I smoked a Davidoff Zino Platinum Emperor edition 2009 5 x 58 that my supplier had given to me as a gift, after smoking one I finally got the whole cigar smoking thing, the rest is history.

Since then I have always enjoyed “Big” cigars not long, but big so my favorites tend to be Toro, Super Robusto, Gran Toro, Robusto Extra etc, the size is approximately 52+ ring gauge with a 6” length.

I have a few rules I live by when it comes to smoking my cigars:

  • Starting a cigar and having to stop is a no no- If I do not have time to finish it, then I do not start it.
  • I almost always use a punch, never a cutter – a cutter only  if I am smoking a small cigar 40 ring  or less.
  • Remove all the Cigar bands  prior to lighting the cigar- I know what cigar I am smoking and I find it easier to remove them.
  • I always have enough of a  beverage to drink whilst smoking – My last sip of my drink (be it water, rum, cognac or coffee) usually coincides with the last puff of my cigar.

Lastly, (this has happened to me- honest!) I have had a person ask me for a “puff” of my cigar!, I know unbelievable right?

Until next time!