Balblair Distillery

Founded in 1790 Balblair is the second oldest working distillery in Scotland. It is situated on the Dornoch firth, one of the most stunning scenic areas of Scotland. The area is known as the ‘parish of the peats’ whilst the name Balblair means battlefield or town of the plain. John Ross founded the distillery and ran it as a thriving business until in 1817 he was sequestrated. However, this did not stop him and in 1824 he was joined by his son Andrew in the family business. The distillery stayed in the Ross family until 1894 when the tenancy was taken over by Alexander Cowan. In 1948 the freehold was bought by Mr. Robert Cumming who promptly expanded the distillery and increased production. Mr Cumming ran the distillery until 1970 when he sold it to what became Allied Distillers; for the first time in its history Balblair was not owned by local businessmen. In 1996 Balblair was purchased by Inver House Distillers.