Glen Garioch Distillery

Glen Garioch (pronounced “geery”) Distillery

Founded in 1797 in Olmeldrum, Aberdeenshire by brothers John and Alexander Mason.  From then till now there it has stood, enduring generations and the elements, crafting a reputation for excellence in Scotch Whisky.

Authentic Highland Flavours

There are many things to appreciate about Glen Garioch, but two significant contributors to the full Highland flavor is the bottling strength of 48% and that it is non chill-filtered.

Non Chill-Filtered:

It is standard practice in whisky distilling to mfilter out the fats and proteins that naturally occur during distillation.  This process is called “chill-filtering” and the purpose is to prevent clouding or hazing ever occurring.  Those fats and proteins can influence flavor, so Glen Garioch thinks it is important to keep them in.

High Bottling Strength:

Unless the angels have been working overtime, then the lower the alcohol strength in bottle, the more diluting has occurred to the cask liquid.  A typical bottling strength would be 40 – 43% abv.  By keeping it at a higher than normal 48% Glen Garicoh retains more of the character crafted within the cask.