Gautier Distillery

Gautier’s History

Gautier is one of the oldest Cognac houses and its history has spanned 10 generations, remaining in family ownership until recently.

In 1700, the grandson of Charles Gautier and Jacquette Brochet, Louis Gautier, developed the trade in cognac.  He helped expand the market and contributed to the considerable growth of Maison Gautier.

In 1755, the Gautier family obtained a Royal Warrant to produce Cognac and a founding charter signed by Louis XV.  Maison Gauiter was born, and the cellars were installed in the former watermill in Aigre.

The heirs of Masion Gautier succeeded each other in turn over 10 generations, developing the family business.  Cognac Gautier continued to expand its export business, penetrating new markets overseas and was served in prestigious settings such as the Ritz Hotel or on board the English cruise ships of the famous Cunard Line.  In 1911, Gautier Cognac also figured on the menu for the investiture of Prince of Wales.

In 1975, Gautier joined the Berger Group and then in 1995, the Maria Brizard & Roger International Group that was taken over in 2006 by the Belvedere Group.

The quality, aromatic richness and unique smoothness of Gautier cognacs have been awarded 13 medals in 2014 from prestigious international contests.