Rémy Martin Distillery

Rémy Martin was founded in 1774 by French winemaker, Rémy Martin. As of 2011, it was owned by Rémy Cointreau, a company established in 1991.
Rémy Martin is a specialist in Fine Champagne Cognac. The eaux-de-vie selected for use in Rémy Martin products come from the two best growth areas of the Cognac region, the Grande Champagne and the Petite Champagne (the word “Champagne” defines a type of soil that is extremely chalky). The eaux-de-vie from these crus, in the heart of the Cognac region, have the greatest ageing potential.

Fine Champagne Cognac is the only blend of two crus protected by the Appellation d’Origine made by winegrowers and distillers from Grande Champagne & Petite Champagne were signed with Rémy Martin, forming the “Alliance Fine Champagne”.

The Rémy Martin brand is known for the distinctive centaur logo displayed on its wines.