Barrington House

Barrington House International Award Winning Jamaican Cigars. Expertly hand rolled in Jamaica by seasoned craftsmen. Our handmade Jamaican Cigars are created by expert cigar makers using a centuries old tradition for unsurpassed smoothness, aroma, consistency, draw and deep smoking satisfaction.

Barrington acquired the  Combined Tobacco Company Jamaica, Ltd. which was operated by master cigar blender and constructor, Jimmy Chang who left Cuba in the 60’s.  Chang mentored with Menendes y Garcia of Montecristo fame, among other masters who passed on Cuban cigar making art and traditions to Barrington House. Jamaica was chosen, as the unique climate and soil produce a rich, yet mild tobacco, rivaling that of Cuba.

The company has benefited from its heritage and accumulated experience to create prize winning international formulas utilizing its prime Jamaican tobacco, skillfully combined with Dominican, Cuban, Connecticut shade and other select tobacco binder, filler and leaf wrapper.